Final Transition Determination

The Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Redistribution Tribunal published its Final Transition Determination on Saturday 5 August 2017, completing the 2016-17 redistribution of Legislative Council boundaries.

Final Transition Determination [PDF, 531KB]


 The final determination printable map - 6.8Mb, opens in new window, right click to download.


 An interactive map is available on The LIST, showing current and final boundaries and local government areas as layers.

Detailed boundary maps for each division will be available soon on the Tasmanian Electoral Commission website.

Initial Transition Proposal

The Redistribution Tribunal published its Initial Transition Proposal on Saturday 8 July 2017.

The Redistribution Criteria

In accordance with Section 13 of the Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Act 1995  the Redistribution Committee must take into account the following priorities–

  • the first priority is to ensure, as far as practicable, that the number of electors in each Council division would not, (in four and a half years time) vary more than ±10% of the average Council division enrolment.
  • the second priority is to take into account community of interest within each Council division.

After taking into account the priorities specified above, the Redistribution Committee must consider the following matters in the case of each electoral division–

  • the means of communication and travel within the division;
  • the physical features and area of the division;
  • existing electoral boundaries;
  • distinct natural boundaries.

The Council division quota is to be the basis for the Initial Redistribution Proposal.

For this redistribution the average divisional enrolment, or Quota, is 24,998 and was determined as at 30 September 2016.

In no case is any variation from the Council division quota to exceed 10 percent.

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