The Tribunal has been established following the publication of the initial proposal.

After the publication of the Initial Redistribution Proposal the Committee is dissolved. The members of the former Committee become members of the Redistribution Tribunal and are joined by the Chairperson and other Member of the Tasmanian Electoral Commission.

You will find Notices and Transcripts of Hearings on this page.

 Transition Determination

 Notice of publication of Initial Transition Proposal

 Notice of Inquiry - Public Hearings regarding Transition Arrangements

 Notice of Inquiry - Public Hearings (Further Proposal)

The inquiry was held in Hobart from 10am Wednesday 1 March 2017, on the 3rd floor, Taswater Building, 169 Main Rd, Moonah.
And continued at Henty House Auditorium, Launceston from 9:30am on Friday 3 March 2017.

 Notice of Inquiry - Public Hearings (Initial Proposal)

The Tribunal

The Tribunal was appointed by Her Excellency the Governor on 13 December and comprises:

  • Mike Blake, the chairperson of the Electoral Commission [Chair];
  • Karen Frost, the member of the Electoral Commission;
  • Andrew Hawkey, the Tasmanian Electoral Commisioner;
  • Michael Giudici, the Surveyor-General; and
  • Lisa Wardlaw-Kelly, nominee of the Australian Statistician.

The Process

On 28 January 2017 the Redistribution Committee published an Initial Redistribution Proposal, including maps showing names and boundaries of proposed divisions, boundary descriptions and reasons. The proposal was exhibited at each public office.

Within 28 days, that is by close of business on Saturday 25th February, any person or organisation may lodge a written suggestion, comment or objection. As the office is not open on the day, submissions may be received until 5pm Monday 27th February.

The Tribunal considers submissions lodged and may decide to hold an inquiry.

Once its inquiries are completed the Tribunal publishes a further redistribution proposal. If the Tribunal states its opinion that the further proposal differs significantly from the initial proposal, a person or organisation may lodge a further written submission within 7 days.

If, in the Tribunal’s opinion, a subsequent further proposal differs significantly from an earlier proposal, a person or organisation may lodge a further written submission within 7 days. An inquiry will also be held into any further submissions.

The Tribunal then makes a final determination of the names and boundaries of the 15 new Legislative Council electoral divisions. The Tribunal’s determination is final. It may not be challenged or appealed against. Transition arrangements to implement the redistribution are also to be determined by the Tribunal as soon as practicable after it makes its final determination. These involve the allocation of members to the new divisions and any associated matters.

The Tribunal must conduct a hearing into matters relating to transition arrangements. As soon as possible after that hearing, the Tribunal makes and publishes its initial transition proposal. Within 14 days after publication, a person or organisation may lodge a written submission in relation to the initial transition proposal. The Tribunal considers submissions received and may hold an inquiry into matters raised. The Redistribution Tribunal is to make and publish a final transition determination as soon as practicable after the completion of its deliberations.

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