2016 -17 Legislative Council
Electoral Boundaries Redistribution

The Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Act 1995 requires a review of Legislative Council division boundaries every 9 years with a view to maintaining a statistically balanced number of electors across all divisions.

Final Transition Determination

The Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Redistribution Tribunal published its Final Transition Determination on Saturday 5 August 2017, completing the 2016-17 redistribution of Legislative Council boundaries.

Map of new divisions

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Indicative Timeline

  November 2016  Commencement

  January 2017      Initial Proposal

  February 2017    Making Submissions

 March 2017        Tribunal Reviews Submissions

   April 2017         Further Proposal

  April 2017          Further Submissions Received

  May 2017          Tribunal Reviews Submissions

  May 2017          Final Redistribution Determination

  July 2017               Initial Transition Proposal

  August 2017         Transition and Implementation

Note - The information provided here is for the redistribution of state Legislative Council divisions in Tasmania. There is also a federal electoral boundaries redistribution in progress.

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